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ABC of Skin Cancer

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ABC of Skin Cancer pdf

ABC of Skin Cancer pdf

ABC of Skin Cancer pdf

ABC of Skin Cancer pdf free download

ABC of Skin Cancer BMJ

ABC of Skin Cancer ebook

Table of Contents:

1 The epidemiology, aetiology and prevention of melanoma, 1

Julia A Newton-Bishop

2 The epidemiology, aetiology and prevention of non-melanoma skin cancer, 5

Veronique Bataille, Marko Lens, Sajjad Rajpar

3 The role of the primary care team in the management of skin cancer, 8

F D Richard Hobbs

4 Pre-cancerous skin lesions, 13

Dev Shah, Richard Motley

5 Squamous cell carcinoma, 19

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

6 Basal cell carcinoma, 23

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

7 Differential diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer, 27

Graham Colver

8 Benign pigmented lesions, 32

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

9 Melanoma – clinical features and diagnosis, 37

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

10 Melanoma – management and prognosis, 42

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

11 Surgical management of skin cancer, 47

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

12 Non-surgical treatment of skin cancer, 51

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

13 Skin cancer – an Australian perspective, 55

Lachlan Warren, Karyn Fuller

14 Cutaneous metastases and rare skin cancers, 59

Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

Index, 63

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