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Case Files Psychiatry 4th Edition

Case Files Psychiatry 4th Edition pdf

Case Files Psychiatry 4th Edition pdf

Case Files Psychiatry 4th Edition pdf

Case Files Psychiatry 4th Edition pdf free download

Case Files Psychiatry 4th Edition ebook

Table of Contents:

Section I

How to Approach Clinical Problems 1

Part 1. Approach to the Patient 2

Part 2. Approach to Clinical Problem Solving 11

Part 3. Approach to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 13

Part 4. Approach to Reading 14

Section II

Psychiatric Therapeutics 21

Part 1. Psychotherapy 22

Part 2. Psychopharmacotherapy 23

Section III

Clinical Cases 41

Sixty Case Scenarios 43

Section IV

Listing of Cases 453

Listing by Case Number 455

Listing by Disorder (Alphabetical) 456

Listing by DSM-IV Categories 458

Index / 461


We appreciate all the kind remarks and suggestions from the many medical students

over the past 3 years. Your positive reception has been an incredible encouragement,

especially in light of the short life of the Case Files® series. In this fourth edition of

Case Files®: Psychiatry, the basic format of the book has been retained. Improvements

were made in streamlining many of the chapters and adding proposed DSM-V

criteria. Also, numerous clinical cases were rewritten to be representative of more

typical patient presentations rather than the “flamboyant” presentation. We debated

about whether to group the cases together so that students could compare related

disorders, such as cases 1 through 10 would be “personality disorders” to allow for

side-by-side comparison. We decided not to use this systematic grouping approach

because patients do not present to their doctors in the real world in this manner.

Rather, patients present with symptoms and signs, and it is the “job” of the student

and clinician to sort out whether there is a psychiatric issue, and which diagnosis

is likely. Nevertheless, the case listing in the back of the book and the index will

allow a student to quickly reference similar cases for the sake of comparison. The

multiple choice questions have been carefully reviewed and rewritten to ensure that

they comply with the National Board and USMLE Step 2 CK format. Some new

psychiatric medications have been introduced as well. By using this fourth edition,

we hope that the reader will continue to enjoy learning psychiatry through the simulated

clinical cases. It is certainly a privilege to be a teacher for so many students,

and it is with humility that we present this edition.

The Authors

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