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Revision Notes for the Respiratory Medicine Specialty Certificate Examination (Oxford Higher Specialty Training)

The newly introduced Specialty Certificate Examinations are a compulsory component of assessment for all UK medical trainees and represent the final examination barrier before getting the certificate of completion of training. This book provides a unique exam-specific revision guide for the Respiratory specialty certificate exam. Comprising of best of five ...

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Clinical Pearls in Pulmonology (December 2017 Release)

Clinical Pearls in Pulmonology is a concise collection of pearls across ten pulmonology topics. Divided into ten chapters, the book covers topics such as chest percussion, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and radiology, presenting each in a question and answer format. Many procedures, therapies and clinical descriptions are accompanied by illustrations and tables ...

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Interventional Pulmonology

The role of bronchoscopy in the evaluation and treatment of respiratory disease has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Originally a tool for examining and sampling the central endobronchial tree, it has broadened considerably to include techniques that now enable the treatment of an increasing number of conditions. In this ...

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The Human Respiratory System

The Human Respiratory System combines emerging ideas from biology and mathematics to show the reader how to produce models for the development of biomedical engineering applications associated with the lungs and airways. Download Ebook Medical for only 10$ per book Related Post Principles of Pulmonary Medicine: Expert Consult &… Asthma, ...

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Cystic Fibrosis (ORML)

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a multi-system disorder, requiring not just respiratory expertise but also management of nutrition, and diabetes, as well psychosocial issues. This pocketbook will be a concise companion for all health care professionals in respiratory medicine, paediatrics, and primary care who manage, or come across, patients with CF. ...

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