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Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen 5th Edition

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Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen 5th Edition PDF

Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen 5th EditionDynamic Radiology of the Abdomen 5th Edition
AuthorMorton A. Meyers and S.R. Baker
File size328.6 MB
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Book Description:

The preface to the first edition of Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen: Normal and Pathologic Anatomy stated that this book introduces a systematic application of anatomic and dynamic principles to the practical understanding and diagnosis of intraabdominal diseases. The clinical insights and rational system of diagnostic analysis stimulated by an appreciation of the dynamic intraabdominal relationships outlined in previous editions have been universally adopted. Literally thousands of scientific articles in the literature have attested to their basic precepts. Formulations and analytic approaches introduced in the first edition are now widely applied in clinical medicine so that many of the terminologies, definitions, and concepts of pathogenesis have solidly entered the public domain. These insights lead to the uncovering of clinically deceptive diseases, the evaluation of the effects of disease, the anticipation of complications, and the determination of the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese editions have encouraged more widespread application of the principles which in turn has led to further contributions to our understanding of the features of spread and localization of intraabdominal diseases. These principles have been applied to the full range of imaging modalities—from plain films and conventional contrast studies to CT, US, MRI and endo– scopic, laparoscopic, and intraoperative ultrasonography— leading to this fifth edition in 24 years. In the pursuit of comprehending the pattern, all methods of investigation have been used, including (a) anatomic cross–sectioning of cadavers frozen to maintain relationships; (b) cadaver injections and dissections performed to determine preferential planes of spread along ligaments, mesenteries and extraperitoneal fascial compartments; (c) selected clinical cases with the fullest range of imaging studies including plain films, tomo– grams, and conventional contrast studies; presacral ret– roperitoneal pneumography and peritoneography; sinography which occasionally provided serendipitous display of normal and pathologic anatomy akin to an in vivo model; and computed tomography, ultrasonography, nuclear medicine studies, magnetic resonance imaging, and endoscopic ultrasonography; (d) peritoneoscopy; and (e) surgical operations, surgical pathology and autopsies. The basic aims in writing this book have not changed from the first edition and it is produced in the same spirit as its predecessors. The quest of science has always sought the identification of a pattern of circumstances. With this recognition, there follows insight and understanding into the nature and dynamics of events and thereby their predictability, management, and consequences. This book establishes that the spread and localization of diseases throughout the abdomen and pelvis are not random, irrational occurences but rather are governed by laws of structural and dynamic factors. To satisfy these aims, special attention has been given to keeping the book current with clinical and technological advances that have so dramatically altered the practice of abdominal imaging in the past several years. Six completely new chapters have been added and virtually all others have been extensively updated and enlarged. This edition is expanded by more than 180 pages and more than 520 new illustrations.

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