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Esthetic and Functional Management of Diastema: A Multidisciplinary Approach

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This book offers detailed guidance on integrated orthodontic, periodontal, and restorative solutions for the treatment of diastema, highlighting the advantages of such a multidisciplinary approach and presenting suitable clinical protocols for esthetic reconstruction and functional improvement. The coverage includes discussion of diagnosis and explanation of important elements of dentofacial, dentolabial, and dental analysis and relevant soft tissue aspects. Clear advice is provided on treatment planning, and the various treatment options are fully described, with consideration of new materials and techniques and attention to timing and sequencing. The book benefits from the inclusion of numerous clinical case photos.

Diatemas may be defined as gaps or spaces between two or more teeth in the same arch. These spaces may have a multifactorial causation and can negatively affect the dentofacial harmony and smile of the patient. In some situations, closure of interdental spaces can be achieved by using a silicone guide technique or by direct proximal build-ups with resin composites. However, sometimes it is not possible to correct diastemas and achieve the desired esthetic outcome without multidisciplinary interventions. This book will serve as an excellent guide to the management of such cases.

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