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Manual of Nephrology 8th Edition pdf

Manual of Nephrology 8th Edition pdf – 2014

Manual of Nephrology 8th Edition pdf

Manual of Nephrology 8th Edition pdf free download

Manual of Nephrology 8th Edition ebook

Table of Contents:

1 The Edematous Patient: Cardiac Failure, Cirrhosis, and Nephrotic Syndrome 01

Robert W. Schrier and David H. Ellison

2 The Patient with Hyponatremia or Hypernatremia 28

Robert W. Schrier and Tomas Berl

3 The Patient with Hypokalemia or Hyperkalemia 48

Jie Tang and Stuart L. Linas

4 The Patient with an Acid–Base Disorder 62

William D. Kaehny

5 The Patient with Disorders of Serum Calcium and Phosphorus 79

Jeffrey G. Penfield and Robert F. Reilly

6 The Patient with Kidney Stones 106

Robert F. Reilly

7 The Patient with Urinary Tract Infection 125

Jessica B. Kendrick, L. Barth Reller, and Marilyn E. Levi

8 The Patient with Hematuria, Proteinuria, or Both, and Abnormal Findings on Urinary Microscopy 158

Godela M. Brosnahan

9 The Patient with Glomerular Disease or Vasculitis 180

Sarah E. Panzer and Joshua M. Thurman

10 The Patient with Acute Kidney Injury 201

Sarah Faubel and Charles L. Edelstein

11 The Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease 241

Michel Chonchol and Jessica B. Kendrick

12 The Patient Receiving Chronic Renal Replacement with Dialysis 253

Seth Furgeson and Isaac Teitelbaum

13 The Patient with a Kidney Transplant 263

James E. Cooper, Laurence Chan, and Alexander Wiseman

14 The Patient with Kidney Disease and Hypertension in Pregnancy 286

Phyllis August, Diana I. Jalal, and Judy Blaine

15 The Patient with Hypertension 318

Seth Furgeson, Charles R. Nolan, and Robert W. Schrier

16 P ractical Guidelines for Drug Dosing in Patients with Impaired Kidney Function 351

Ali Olyaei and William M. Bennett

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