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Pediatric Bronchoscopy

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Pediatric Bronchoscopy pdf – (Progress in Respiratory Research)

Pediatric Bronchoscopy pdf

Pediatric Bronchoscopy pdf

Pediatric Bronchoscopy pdf free download

Pediatric Bronchoscopy ebook

Table of Contents:


Bush, A. (London)

Techniques and Technical Issues

Chapter 1 Bronchoscopic Equipment 12

Balfour-Lynn, I.M.; Harcourt, J. (London)

Chapter 2 Sedation and Anaesthesia for Bronchoscopy 22

de Blic, J.; Telion, C. (Paris)

Chapter 3 Bronchoalveolar Lavage: Indications and Applications 30

Midulla, F.; Nenna, R. (Rome)

Chapter 4 Special Procedures 42

Colin, A.A. (Miami, Fla.); Waltz, D.A. (Boston, Mass.)

Chapter 5 Flexible Fibre-Optic Bronchoscopy in the Intensive-Care Unit 54

Koumbourlis, A.C. (Washington, D.C.)

Chapter 6 Interventional Bronchoscopy 64

Donato, L. (Strasbourg); Tran, T.M.H. (Hanoi); Mihailidou, E. (Heraklion)

Chapter 7 Whole-Lung Lavage 75

Wood, R.E. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Chapter 8 Rigid Bronchoscopy 83

Hitter, A.; Karkas, A.; Schmerber, S.; Righini, C.A. (Grenoble)

Chapter 9 Virtual Bronchoscopy and Other Three-Dimensional Imaging Methods 95

Anthracopoulos, M.B. (Patras); Alexopoulou, E. (Athens); Kagadis, G.C. (Patras)

Chapter 10 Normal Anatomy 114

Wallis, C. (London)

Chapter 11 Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities of the Upper Airways 120

Eber, E. (Graz)

Chapter 12 Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities of the Lower Airways 130

Pohunek, P. (Prague); Boogaard, R. (Rotterdam); Merkus, P. (Nijmegen)

Chapter 13 Bronchial Asthma 142

Barbato, A.; Bertuola, F.; Moreno, L.; Snijders, D.; Bugin, S.; Baraldo, S.; Turato, G. (Padova)

Chapter 14 Atelectasis, Middle Lobe Syndrome and Plastic Bronchitis 149

Priftis, K.N. (Athens); Rubin, B. (Richmond, Va.)

Chapter 15 Lung Infection in Cystic Fibrosis and Other Chronic Suppurative Lung Diseases 156

Davies, J.C.; Bush, A.; Hogg, C.L. (London)

Chapter 16 Endobronchial Tuberculosis 173

Dagli, E. (Istanbul); Gie, R.P. (Stellenbosch); Uyan, Z.S. (Istanbul); Goussard, P. (Stellenbosch)

Chapter 17 Chronic Cough 182

Masters, I.B. (Brisbane, Qld.); Chang, A.B. (Brisbane, Qld./Darwin, N.T.)

Chapter 18 Lung Transplant Recipients and Other Immunosuppressed Patients 191

Benden, C. (Zurich); Aurora, P. (London)

Chapter 19 A Four-Decade Perspective on Paediatric Bronchoscopy – Where Have We Come from, 200

and Where Are We Going?

Wood, R.E. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

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