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The Portable Pediatrician

Dr. Laura Nathanson wrote The Portable Pediatrician to help parents find the joy in parenting and gain the confidence to quickly and easily assess their child’s development, medical symptoms, and behavioral problems. Parents can’t always visit their pediatrician every time they have a question, but fortunately with this book they have the next best thing.

The Portable Pediatrician, one of the few child-care books written by a practicing pediatrician, offers authoritative and practical advice on:

– Keeping up with, or even one step ahead of, your child’s rapidly changing needs

– Setting limits before the one year birthday

– Planning the arrival of the next baby in the family

– Coping with your own as well as with your child’s separation anxiety

– Dealing with the four I’s: illnesses, injuries, immunizations, and insurance coverage

– Getting prompt medical attention for serious crises – and what to do in the meantime

– Preventing childhood obesity and eating disorders later

– Confronting complex behavior and medical problems, including ADD, autism, asthma, oppositional behavior (including potty resistance).

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